“Next Level Collaboration: The Future of Content and Design”

Imagine a future where siloed departments and legacy workflows don’t stand in our way. Today’s content is complex, interconnected, and needs to be ready for devices we haven’t even dreamed of yet. Tomorrow isn’t going to get any simpler. Successful outcomes demand a new kind of collaboration. For the past two years, Rebekah has studied how successful teams collaborate and has helped transform the way her team works and produces together. In this session, you’ll hear what she’s learned about making effective cross-discipline collaboration possible, and leave with actionable inspiration you can use to unite your team and workflow, too.

This talk will show you:

  • What it takes to make effective collaboration possible
  • How you can play a key role in creating the cross-discipline teams of tomorrow
  • Practical tips you can use to bridge silos, increase productivity, and deliver better project outcomes for everyone

About the Speakers

Rebekah Cancino

Content Strategy and UX Consultant


Rebekah has spent the last decade helping people develop clear communication and human-centered digital experiences. She’s committed to making cross-discipline collaboration possible, and is co-founder of Togetherly. In her spare time, she likes to make friends with designers and developers, ardently advocates use of the Oxford comma, and tries her best to avoid all kinds of cacti.