Rick Allen

Principal, ePublish Media, Inc.


Rick Allen has worked on the web his entire career to help shape communications and content strategy. Rick is co-founder of Meet Content, an online resource aiming to empower higher education to create and sustain web content that works. As principal of ePublish Media, Inc., a content strategy consultancy in Boston, Mass., Rick partners with organizations big and small to drive and sustain bold goals.

Past Sessions

“Content Measurement and Analytics: Making Positive Change on the Web”

We all want to create useful, usable content—and we want to deliver that content to the right users. But how do we know what works? And how do we use these insights to inform and adapt our content strategy?

Effective content measurement relies on clearly defined goals. What is the purpose of your website and web content? What actions do we want users to take? How do we define success for our web presence and related content?

Using analytics, we will relate content goals to relevant and meaningful metrics in order to quantitatively assess the quality of our web content and the efficacy of our content strategy. Say hello to positive change on the web!

Join us and learn to:

  • Translate strategic business objectives into measurable content goals
  • Find the right metrics for the right goals (and how to avoid misleading metrics)
  • Measure and adapt your content strategy
  • Effectively present analytics data to engage content stakeholders and inform their work on the web
  • Configure Google Analytics to support your measurement plan
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