Misty Weaver

Content Strategy Lead, Portent, Inc.


Misty specializes in leading teams through research, creation, implementation and promotion of content marketing campaigns through strategy, process, and performance evaluation. Teaching Content Strategy at the University of Washington’s Information School as well as leading Seattle events in IA, UX, and Content Strategy, she is an avid volunteer and educator.

Past Sessions

“Busting the Field of Dreams Theory: Making Content Meaningful, Useful, and Findable”

Content marketing requires a holistic strategy around your content to ensure it is visible to search engines without sacrificing its value to humans. Getting content noticed means creating high quality, useful content but publishing alone will not guarantee traffic, let alone conversions and sales. The work you put into planning before publishing is the best set-up for success. Strategy helps you choose the right message and content for your audiences, structure it for robots and readers, and promote it on multiple channels.

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