Megan Costello

Senior Advancement Communications Specialist, Morgridge Institute for Research


For seven years, Megan was the Assistant Dean for Communications in the College of Letters and Science, the largest college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She oversaw communications of 38 academic departments, five professional schools, and 70 interdisciplinary research centers. Her background is in legislative affairs and information studies. When she’s not cheering on the Badgers, Megan is cruising on one of her bicycles or helping clients perfect resumes and career content.

Past Sessions

“Content Heavy Lifting: How to Recycle (and Upcycle) Your Content Over and Over Again”

We spend all this time building channels to house our content, but many of us are strapped for time and talent (sometimes treasure!) to keep the content production in high-gear. In this talk, Megan will walk through 10 ways to make one piece of content work across web, social and print to help you—or your clients—think creatively and strategically about making small amounts of content do the heavy-lifting across all your channels.

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