Matt Grocki

Principal and Owner, Grass Fed Content


Matthew is the principal and owner of Grass Fed Content, where he has been challenging organizations to rethink the impact of content on their business through correcting content production inefficiencies and facilitating organizational change. Matthew has been consulting with such brands as NASDAQ, Dell, Cisco, and Covidien, solving some of the gnarliest user interaction problems. Prior to that, he sat in a windowless office for 12 years and was miserable. He is frequently featured by many of today’s top content strategy blogs and is currently a featured columnist for eContentmagazine.

Past Sessions

“Reducing Digital Clutter: How to Clean Up the Back of Your House”

Organizations love to produce content, but the majority suck at making it available to internal resources and external audiences. In the race to provide more content for our audiences, we’ve created a systematic web of back-end digital clutter. In this talk, you’ll see how a cluttered internal content environment at a leading medical device company meant the difference between life and death. Fret not—we can fix this. Matthew will demonstrate how organizations in healthcare, technology, and financial services are cleaning up the back of their house, and how it has translated to richer content experiences for their audiences.

After this session, you will:

  • Understand the impact of fractured content on an organization
  • Establish an actionable plan to reduce digital clutter
  • Receive best practices on how content can be reused internally and externally
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