Margot Bloomstein

Principal, Appropriate, Inc.


Margot Bloomstein is the author of Content Strategy at Work and principal of Appropriate, Inc., a Boston-based brand and content strategy consultancy. She specializes in crafting brand-appropriate user experiences to help retailers, universities, and other organizations project key messages with consistency and clarity.

Past Sessions

“Knowing and Communicating the Self Amid Constraints”

Arm yourself with personas, research, and KPIs. Look out at data you’re chasing. Then look in. What do you see? We spawn sites, create content, and chase new platforms without always knowing why. To keep up with competitors? To keep up with users? We know them better than we know ourselves, then burn resources racing toward questionable destinations and burn out in the process. That’s where content strategy can help. We’ll discuss forging a path from where you are and who you are. Learn how to allot constrained resources and engage your audience. Eager to reach them? To know them, first know yourself.

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