Lisa Welchman

Founding Partner, WelchmanPierpoint


Lisa Welchman specializes in web governance for the enterprise and overall web strategy. Lisa is the founding partner of WelchmanPierpoint, a consulting practice that helps to translate the complexities of Web development jargon into the strategic language people can understand.

Past Sessions

“Order Out of Chaos — Web Governance”

Today, many organizations are at a point of stasis in their web operations. They simply can't manage to take their web presence to the next level, not because of technology, but due to an inability to organize and direct an internal, collaborative web team successfully. To reach that next level and meet critical business goals, organizations need to reorient their human assets as well as their technology. This step is only accomplished through the discipline of web governance, which directly addresses and resolves those barriers to change, including decisions about web ownership, core infrastructure technology, user interface, departmental autonomy, and more.

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