Kristina Halvorson

Founder, Brain Traffic


Kristina is co-author of Content Strategy for the Web and is recognized as one of the industry’s leading advocates for content strategy. She is founder of Brain Traffic, a content strategy consultancy whose clients include AT&T, Autodesk, Thedacare, Carnegie Mellon University, BMC Software, Merck, Best Buy, Target, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. She is also the founder of Confab Events.

Past Sessions


As web professionals, our jobs require more cross-team collaboration than ever, and that means it’s getting tougher to delineate our disciplines. When was the last time you did “just” design, content, or code? It’s no longer an option to only care about what’s on your plate. Kristina will share insights about how curiosity, empathy, and shared ambition will help us all build a better web … this time, and the next.

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