Kevin M. Hoffman

Founder, Seven Heads Designs


Kevin is the author of the forthcoming Rosenfeld Media book, Meeting Design, and founder of Seven Heads Design, a network of highly experienced digital design thinkers who operate independently, but love working together.

Past Sessions

“The Five Meetings You Meet in Web Design”

Web site building techniques are always changing, but the meetings supporting that work sadly haven’t changed much at all. At the core of every meeting is a group of human brains, and against the breakneck pace of iPhone model releases those brains have not evolved in the slightest. Better meeting design for web professionals addresses this constraint. Every web design organization has a core curriculum of five types of meeting goals: getting started, checking in, presenting, exploring, and the big finish. Each of the five meetings have classic mistakes, unique opportunities, best executions, and remote work implications. Kevin will explore how each of the five meetings is an opportunity to do your best work, with plenty of examples you can start using right away.

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