Karl Fast

Information Architect, Normative Design


Karl has been writing and speaking about design and the digital future for nearly two decades. For many years he was a professor of User Experience Design at Kent State University. Along with Stephen Anderson, he is the co-author of the upcoming book Design for Understanding from Rosenfeld Media. He is currently an information architect at Normative Design, and a founding member of the Information Architecture Institute.

Past Sessions

“Living With Agile”

Agile is the modern way of making software. It’s the new standard for managing IT development teams and projects. But while Agile is centered on developers, setting the course for your website depends on many different roles: project managers, content strategists, information architects, marketing specialists, and more. What does Agile mean for everyone else? Developers are learning how to be Agile. The rest of us must learn how to live with Agile. Find out how.

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