Derek Featherstone

Lead Accessibility Consultant, Simply Accessible


Derek Featherstone has been working as a web professional since 1999 and is an internationally-known speaker and authority on accessibility and web design. He leads the team at Simply Accessible, based in Ottawa, Canada. Derek always puts the user first and strives to make the web a better place by designing experiences that are easy to use for everyone, including people with disabilities. Derek’s ideal accessible experience combines engaging and rich content with brilliant design and technical development excellence. That user-centered focus sets the course for Simply Accessible, and—more importantly—their clients.

Past Sessions

“Not Perfect, Always Better: A Story of Inclusion”

Jake walked out of the conference room after meeting with Claire (VP of Engineering) and Sanjay (Design Director). He almost felt their glare burning a hole through his shirt. Jake had just sat through a hour-long meeting reviewing the user feedback from last year’s site launch. There had been reports of some accessibility issues for some time, but they’d been mostly ignored. The picture wasn’t getting any better: they were missing out on a lot of potential revenue by being hostile to people with disabilities.

Jake pulled out his phone and sent a message to his team in Slack. “We’ve got some work to do”

What was his next move? How did he begin the work and start to prioritize what needed to be done? How did he change the team’s process to include accessibility in EVERY post launch plan? Check in with Derek to find out what Jake and his team did next; you’ll learn what you need to do after a site launch to ensure your site is both accessible and easy to use by people with disabilities… and stays that way.

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