Deane Barker

Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, Blend Interactive


Deane is a founding partner at Blend Interactive with more than 18 years of web experience, including implementation of large-scale enterprise content management systems and intranets. Deane is a regular speaker on the content management and strategy circuit and writes about various web technologies at Gadgetopia. He is also the author of Web Content Management: Systems, Features, and Best Practices.

Past Sessions

“Why Content Projects Fail”

The content management implementation failure rate is higher than it should be, and projects seem to fail for the same cluster of reasons: unrealistic requirements, expectations, human factors, etc. In this session, Deane will discuss the major reasons for project failure learned through almost two decades of implementation experience, and discuss strategies and policies to put in place at each stage of the project to prevent them.

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“Introducing the Blend Web Operations Framework”

Effective web operations is often treated as something of a minor miracle — we’re not sure how it gets done, but we stumble through it somehow. In a long-range attempt to remedy this, Blend Interactive is developing a formal “Web Operations Framework,” describing the roles, tasks, events, and artifacts to implement effective web strategy in your own operations. Deane will give a short introduction to this framework, both its current form and where it’s going. Additionally, Deane will discuss how this framework will affect the curriculum of the Now What? conference in the coming years.

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“COPEing Mechanisms: The Promise and Peril of ‘Create Once Publish Everywhere'”

NPR’s COPE (Create Once Publish Everywhere) process is viewed as one of the most effective answers to structured and mobile content. But not every organization can implement it in the way that NPR does. This talk will discuss why we love COPE, what problems can be introduced when trying to put it into practice, and some alternatives and coping mechanisms when the ultimate dream can’t quite be achieved.

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“The Emperor Has No News: Why Your News Feed Doesn't Work and How to Fix It”

Every organization plans a news or updates section with the best of intentions. Sadly, in practice, they often end up as ghost towns of inaction. But, there are ways to do it right. In this session we'll examine the results of a research project conducted to derive best practices to managing update-style content, look at what works well for other organizations, and how you can make this work for yours.

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