Chris Corak

Partner, SEO + Technical Content Strategy, ONWARD


Since 2000, Chris has been obsessed with the art and science of SEO. Before venturing out on his own to co-found his consultancy, ONWARD, Chris lead the search optimization team at one of the largest agencies in Arizona. He’s helped Fortune 500 clients—like Avnet, Olive Garden, and Aetna—achieve amazing results with a holistic approach that blended UX, SEO, and technical content strategy. Chris believes in the magic of cross-discipline teams and knows that together we can achieve much more than any department could on their own. At ONWARD, his new mission is to help large organizations bridge the gap between UX, content, and SEO.

Past Sessions

“Empathy Behind the Algorithms: Creating People-Driven SEO”

Search engine algorithms are always changing, it can feel impossible to keep up. But the goal behind every Google search result has always stayed the same—to give people exactly what they want and need. If that’s Google’s #1 goal, then why would we cater to search engines instead of working harder to make our audience happy? Great SEO that results in better visibility and higher conversions always maps back to the people behind the keywords. In this talk, Chris will show you practical SEO techniques and approaches you can use to make sure your content is helpful, relevant, and findable, too.

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